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George Jones Showcase

Here are some great acts which are currently booking:

Jim Swindle
Booking Now
GeorgeJonesMusic Featured Artist

NOW BOOKING...Remember the life and times of George Jones with a complete show based on the career of the Possum! Learn more about Jim and the George Jones Revue by visiting!!!!

Banner 10000105

Joe Tinoco

The Montgomerys
Earl and Charlene

Click this picture to visit Mel Street

Here are a couple who made their mark on country music by writing over 74 songs for George Jones. Earl and Charlene Montgomery wrote "We're Gonna Hold On" among other top selling George Jones and Tammy Wynette hits. They also had a chapter dedicated to them in George's "I Lived To Tell It All" Be sure to visit their website today. Earl and Charlene Montgomery also are available for George Jones Revue bookings!

G.W. Saunders
Me Again
Makes Possums Laugh!

Two of my favorites are "Just Passing Thru..." They are filled with talent and waiting to meet you. G.W. and his wife Barb have entertained thousands with their much beloved show.

You've got to check out G.W. Saunders & his Crazy Antics...UPDATED!!!

Check out Gary's latest article while he's "Just Passing Thru" as well as the latest Florida music scene...!



Jim Swindle's Florida Gospel Tour 2002 has a great section dedicated to George Jones. You can find it on by clicking here.